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R.K Sharma

R.K Sharma

Success comes to kiss the feet of humility and honesty. Rightly said and an epitome to this is RK Sharma, whose spirit to take on challenges and win one fort after the other is the one that can inspire anyone and everyone. Sharma was born in a small village of Bijror, in Uttar Pradesh but because of his father’s transferrable government job, he grew up in parts of Mathura, Uttar Pradesh.


It is here where he grew playing in the fields and excelling at academics in school. Never did he stand a rank below the first all through his entire school life. The only time he did, he asked for revaluation and came out standing first. A humble and honest background provided by his father, Shri Ram Sharan Sharma, who was employed with the irrigation department sowed in the seeds of the essential life lessons of integrity and fairness. Staying in the mystical land of Lord Krishna, the values of simple living, high learning and of following one’s ‘Dharma’ was further ingrained.


With a zeal to ‘make it big’ and succeed in life, he came to Ghaziabad in pursuit of continuing higher education but ended up joining a security and services firm as a clerk for salary of INR 350 a month. Today, after about 30 years, he sits on an empire worth over 500 crores. But it was not an easy ride and it was not a ride that he takes the full credit for. To him he owes a major part of his success to the mentorship of R.P Jain, on whose advice he first came to Ghaziabad and consulted him for every decision of life: big or small.


‘Hardwork and honesty’ are the two pillars of his strength while ‘positivity and dedication’ are the two traits that kept him going even when the going got tough. He gets thrilled at challenges and nothing gives him more satisfaction than ‘solving problems’ and maybe that’s why Sharma’s B4S Solutions Pvt Ltd, is the most sought after solution for guarding operation in industries, offices and contract labour solutions in industries, outsourcing staff for MNC and other industries, outsourcing staff for site leasing, operation and maintenance and other services for telecom industry. But it doesn’t stop here. He has many ventures that have expanded and grown along with. A family man, his morning walks whenever he is in town and the ‘chai’ with his wife, Kusumlata Sharma, are the two things that bring the peace back to his mind.





He doesn’t undermine her contribution in the success either. To him, it was her constant support and best care given to the two sons that has made him grow in his career so much. “I am such a workaholic that I was working on the day of my wedding too. I finished my day duties and then went to the mandap. To be with one such workaholic my wife of course has been a pillar of support and love.”

A messiah to his workforce, there has never been a time when the salaries have been delayed or any former employees gone unpaid. About 28,000 employees across verticals under Sharma’s care and leadership, for Sharma, the real heroes of any business are the actual grassroots level workers.


In his words, “We all can dream to grow and expand but if the working class gives up, doesn’t follow you, then no matter how big the dream is and the scale of the business is, it will fail. So, it is a bit impractical to expect the company will work without the support of the working class.”  He mostly mobilises with the grassroots workers and considers their problems like his own. To him, the mantra for his success lies in this to a great extent. A firm believer of giving back more than you take, he has always helped his relatives grow further and taken their progress in life as his own agenda.


“Anyone who comes to me looking for some work or some help or even advice, I am always there. On certain days of the week, there are people who can walk upto me and discuss their careers and other things about life. This, I think is the key to my relationship  with my team across all the businesses that has made me more successful in scaling operations. I treat my people like humans and not just resources.” It doesn’t stop here. The other five businesses across the country in which he has been expanding and growing at a rapid rate are: are Bharadwaj Packaging and Corporations, Can n Cam, Vascoda Holidays Residencies, B4S Infratech Pvt Ltd and Swaraj Automation Ltd.


Enterprising in attitude and with an approach to grow, for Sharma, his legacy that he leaves for his sons is what will be remembered and will be his giving back to the society. That he thinks is the purpose of his life.




megha-mishraMegha Mishra

A development Sector Professional who started her career in journalism with names like TOI and Tehelka. What inspires Megha the most are the stories of people who learned to fight, to make it large. As an editor for India’s Most Inspiring Success Stories, her aim has been to bring out the stories that inspire to aspire. And for her, it has only reaffirmed her faith in dreaming and achieving.

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