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Neetu Singh

Neetu Singh

A good teacher can change your life. We may have come across this statement a thousand times in our lives but how many of us have been fortunate enough to have found that one mentor or that one person who would put their lives in the backseat to focus on making our lives better. Neetu Singh is one such name who has changed the lives of lakhs of students, whose eyes twinkled with the dreams of making it big by securing a reputed government job.


But how did it begin in her life is an interesting story of finding one’s life’s calling, of never giving up, of believing in self and of extreme hard work and passion.

An inspiration to her students Neetu Singh’s interaction with students started from the time when she was a student herself. Born in Giridh, Jharkhand she lost her father even before she could learn to read and write. At three, this youngest of seven she was the sixth of the sisters with an eldest brother who was 18. Even if means were not easy, the brother and mother ensured that Neetu got best education possible and attended a convent school.


After completing her class XIIth, she started to conduct tuition classes to earn a pocket money. Little did she know that in future she would change the face of coaching industry for government employment, Enamored by the word Paramount and always believing in leading and being number one, she named her tuition classes for students from Nursery to Std X in Giridh, the ‘Paramount Coaching Centre’ in 1992. A lot of us are told that we must look back in time to find out what shaped us into who we are and to identify our core skills. So it happened with her. Her training to become a world class tutor began when she first started teaching the children in her small town–some inspired just enough to get through exams, some willing to touch the skies.


For Neetu back then, this was not a career move but was a choice to pay for her expenses. As she finished her college, she came to Delhi looking for better opportunities not clearly knowing how she could do it. She banked upon what she knew best then, tutoring. She started taking classes in Maths and English and along-with enrolled into LLB at the University of Delhi. In 2003, she completed her law degree with flying colours and soon got to work at a reputed law firm but saw not much of a difference in her financial situation. Just graduate lawyers were not adequately paid. Still are not. She continued with her tuitions. Mornings spent in court, mid-days to evenings in teaching her students, and then an additional job at Wipro.

Working 18 years a day for over a year and a half, Neetu toiled harder with each day trying to understand the avenues in life that she could take to earn good and live better. “Along with the two jobs, I used to go to my student’s place to teach and would extensively travel in buses and be on the go all the times. There were days when I would come back home and just crash. I was so exhausted.  I never stopped dreaming or gave up but realised I had to do something else to get success,” remembers Neetu Singh, while in between answering student queries over telephone.


Looking back the years of my struggle strike as the most beautiful and form the most valuable lessons that have taught her the art of living.  On a constant lookout, and always looking for more opportunities, she one day landed in Mukherjee Nagar, North Delhi. Famed to be the hub of coaching centres for IAS and ancillary offering immense possibilities to people who could teach, she thought of starting her tuition centre. But with not much funds, she did not know what to do.


When looking for an affordable center to run her classes, she came across Aarohan Classes by Rajeev Saumitra. The name ringed a bell.  She had come across someone on a matrimonial site with a similar name. Taking from there, she connected with Saumitra and discussed an option of starting classes. It turned out his classes were not doing well and he was more than happy to share the space.

This was the start of Paramount Classes in Delhi, in 2006. She started growing from five to ten and students a month by word of mouth. At the start, she was tutoring students in English: Spoken and Written.


In between, conspired by circumstances, Rajeev and she decided to marry and work towards expanding the base and later they registered the firm as a Pvt Ltd.

She was the only teacher and her fame and classes grew at leaps and bounds until 2009. But a visionary in her wanted to look ahead and expand to various other subjects and other exams too to grow.  So she started hiring to expand the processes, courses, faculty and centres. Reputed to be the one who glamourised CPU, SSC exams and inspired many others to opt for these exams, she single-handedly showed brighter avenues to government job aspirants.


Under the academic and managerial leadership of Neetu Singh, Paramount kept growing–center after center–a few thousand students after another few. Neetu was always closely monitoring the business and continued to take classes even till a night before delivery of her firstborn. Harshit came to the world on 18th November 2008 and his coming into life also added another title to her existence here.

The West called Margret Thatcher, an ‘Iron Lady’ for having built the Great Britain for her courage, spirit and the determination to change things for the better and her students called Neetu Singh an ‘Iron Lady’ for proving her immense dedication and care to the results of her students. “I was taking classes even till a night before the delivery and was back in classroom within days of the delivery, with stitches still on my body, only because the result of the students mattered most. After this my students started calling me ‘Iron Lady’ in admiration,” explains Singh.   It was this exchange of love that kept her going and building an empire after empire. But time took a turn and a fallout of trust happened. She faced domestic violence, ill-treatment, betrayal at the hands of her husband. In a case of cheating, her former husband took over Paramount and left her hanging in nowhere. Having lost everything that she built upon–brick by brick, student by student–only because of her passion and love to see her students shine, she rose from the ashes like a phoenix to launch KD Campus in the name of her father Shri Krishna Deo Singh.  Within a year, KD Campus has 18 branches vis-à-vis 20 branches of Paramount that were built in ten years, and 80 KD Campus halls in Mukherjee Nagar vs 41 halls of the latter.


But tough people don’t give up easily. She was broken and disturbed but she knew she was not to give up. An author of over ten books, Neetu believes in considering one’s tough times as the best test of one’s mettle– Of identifying their inner strength and hidden skills, it is a test to know your potential.  And that’s her success mantra. Coming out as a stronger and more driven woman, Neetu is an example for the women who don’t learn to say no and keep getting exploited at the hands of their husbands and in-laws. Even though she may lost money but she has won hearts.  She believes her biggest achievement is her fan following, the love and affection of her students and says, don’t be someone who is scared of losing millions, be someone who can make millions.


Quotes By Neetu Singh

She concludes saying, do whatever, never fall in your eyes, and never let your dreams die.

Fall in love with yourself and then love anyone else.

Her biggest achievement is her fan following, the love and affection of her students.

She says, don’t be someone who is scared of losing millions, be someone who can make millions.

Yoga and

NGOS, Philanthropy


Don’t give up your dreams and wishes.

The woman who had built the institute was left with nothing.

Seeing so many strong women throughout her childhood inspired her.

Tough times shaped her.

Tuition classes was always the natural skill to be built

Calling her classes, Paramount .

But life took a turn when she came to


Batches are run in Delhi and other cities.

Lakhs and lakhs of students

Highest success rate in the market.


18 branches in one year and 80 lecture halls in Mukherjee Nagar

Lakhs and lakhs of students

Highest success rate in the market.


18 branches in one year and 80 lecture halls in Mukherjee Nagar




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