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If ever you pass by a man giving out clothes to the poor with the backseat full of more clothes and essentials, chances are you just passed by this God’s gift for India, Vinay Arora.

With an innocent smile, a soft-balanced but strong voice and a persona that is full of humility, his is one story that can inspire anyone and everyone. Vinay is not just the man behind HireIndians but also the brain behind poolmycar, Vinay not only gives out salaries to his employees each month end but also reasons to smile to economically backward people each day. Born in Punjab but brought up all around the country, Arora’s father was a teacher at the Kendriya Vidalayas. This was lucky for him as he got a wider outlook and instilled in values of good being and humanity from the very start.

They say tough ‘times make tough people’, it was not very different for when difficult times befell on Vinay, he not just came out stronger but also very empathetic to change and people around him.

At a young carefree age, when students either continue their higher education or give it up to in times of need, he continued both. He worked and paid for his education, on his own, making sure no stone was left unturned in ‘doing the best.’

But it was not an easy ride still, after finishing his diploma in computers, he had to undergo an unpaid training for three months. The test of time continued and he was stood the ground.

But God doesn’t leave you alone to fight the battles, he guides and helps all through.

A homeless and penniless Arora didn’t know how to sustain the ever-increasingly expensive city of Delhi, but ‘Waahe Guru Jee’ rescued him. It is this that he wants to give back to the society and it is this gratitude that keeps him going.

The langar at the Sheesh Ganj, Chandini Chowk served as the only hearty meal he was lucky to get and the stars of the night formed the blanket, he and his friend successfully completed their internship.

A first job that he got followed by another one that made him travel beyond comfort levels and a third one that brought him back to the same city where he started it all from, Delhi. However this time he returned as the Deputy Manager, IT for Hindusatan Times, India’s one of the largest read English daily.

Having reached the top and having shouldered huge responsibility at Hindustan Times, he and his wife thought of taking it ahead and that led to a company they could call their ‘own’: Hire Indians. With 40 employees on their payrolls and about 20 consultants, his IT firm is slowly but steadily growing up to be one of the more prominent names across the platforms.

A serial entrepreneur and a powerhouse of ideas, Arora’s venture two: is in the market to compete with biggies like Flipkart and Amazon. Supplying high quality ethnic garments it is already capturing a sizeable market.

Arora’s not-for-profit initiative: Ek Koshish Foundation’s ideas around feeding poor people and giving water to people are widely getting popular.

‘Ek roti Daan’  that lets you donate your leftover food to the ones who need it the most kicked off too well in the
residency he lives at. Now in its second phase of operations, thousands are fed by this initiative.

Everyone in the world does things for themselves, everyone makes sure their desires are met, everyone ensures that their families get the best care and everyone works to make a successful career and in some cases, to leave a legacy and build an empire. But there are only ‘some’ who think beyond, who’d do things beyond their own good and their families’, the ones who think of the world and the society, of the ones not as fortunate, the ones whose need more help, and care. One such person is the Good Samaritan and philanthropist is Vinay Arora.

He is one man who doesn’t care about fame but about change as he believes his success mantra to be” “Direction is more important than speed.”



megha-mishraMegha Mishra

A development Sector Professional who started her career in journalism with names like TOI and Tehelka. What inspires Megha the most are the stories of people who learned to fight, to make it large. As an editor for India’s Most Inspiring Success Stories, her aim has been to bring out the stories that inspire to aspire. And for her, it has only reaffirmed her faith in dreaming and achieving.





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