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The Young Brigade

Its their expertise, perseverance and not the number of years that has made these early starters successful.  

The drive of young entrepreneurs has time and again changed the world, and we certainly thank each one of them to have been at it, without losing hope, being fearless and focused.Here, we acknowledge those young entrepreneurs or professionals, who have hit milestones after milestones to have make a dent in the universe in a very short span of time.

Their dedication, hard work and perseverance make them the Young Brigades who started early in their twenties when most are still wondering what to do next.With an idea to toy with, making it brilliant, shaping it with timely and flawless execution, it is their zeal and ambition that led them to make it BIG that makes them stand next to the ICONS who most people only dreams.

For they don’t just dream their dreams, they make them true.

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