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The Unsung Heroes

They are the rebels, they are the revolutionaries, they are totally ‘unlike’ the regular ones.

With ideas to change the world and a grit to make a difference, these enterprising men and women are constantly working towards creating something impactful. These are the heroes about whom we may not know because they are to be found on-ground, working aggressively for a goal.

Clearly proving to be the Unsung Heroes, who are contributing to the economic growth by rigorously working towards their endeavours – no matter how big or small.

We dedicate this section to the splendid souls, who are much like the stars serving as the guiding light to others. Because the world needs more of them, many more of these stars, who not only motivate and inspire but are the catalysts to the change that the world needs.

Their stories are such stimulating and enticing that they need to be told at the national level and just the way they deserve to be told.

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