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“Creating something perfect which is also an amalgamation of the extension of the designer’s inner-self and of the customer’s vision, idea and a set of unexpressed emotion,” it is this which gives ultimate satisfaction to Parull Mahaajan, one of the finest and most-sought after interior designers around the block specializing in high-end residences.

Born and brought up in Chandigarh to a family of bureaucrats, Parull’s first dream was to follow the footsteps of her father and keep up the legacy of being another bureaucrat in the family.  But it was only later when she realised that her calling in life was to play with colours.

For 12 years, she has been giving shape to the idea of people’s homes but it was not a planned start.  She finished her bachelor’s in English Literature and then finished her degree in law. After which she practiced law for a couple of years and continued to prepare for the IAS exams.

But the beauty of colours, shapes and patterns kept coming back to her in her sleep and in her dreams.

And one fine day, she enrolled herself for Interior & Textile Designing at NIFD. This was it. She never had to look back.

Sometime during this period, she took a plunge and married her husband who, keeping up with the tradition is an IRS. Her very supportive and inspiring husband was a propelling factor who made sure that no stone was left unturned in pursuing Parull’s passion.

Her venture, House of Design was soon opened in partnership. It primarily works on four verticals: Design Consultancy, Turn Key Execution, Vastu Shastra and Interior Imports. She specializes mostly in environmental friendly and sustainable design practices. Most her days are packed with site visits and client briefs where she carefully and meticulously works on all details that are passed on by the client to then designing and creating the ‘perfect product which breathes life.’

It is the smile and pride of people close to her that keeps her going and inspired. Specially her tiny one, the apple of this mother’s eye, her son: Aryaman. “It is difficult for a mother to balance work and personal life specially with a child in his formative years. I don’t think I can thank my family enough ever for having supported me all through and of taking care of my son,” she explains.

Parull has been bestowed with several awards in the field of design for excellence in interior designing like Savvyparull Honours, Indian Council for United Nations Relations , Ravishing Wedding Awards and Women Economic Forum to name a few.

At heart she is still a young girl who finds happiness in small things of life and believes that ‘innocence is something that anyone can identify her with’.

She also says that it is the same innocence that makes her belief in the stars and pushes her forward to achieve them. But it is her unrelenting faith in her spiritual Guru that keeps her grounded and happy.

Aspiring higher, she has always been looking to add more to her skills and get feathers of more colours to adorn her. From creating for residential and office spaces, now Parull has also delved into designing sets for various high-end and opulent occasions like weddings, fashion shows etc, in India.

Ask her, what gives her so much energy and she is bound to smile and say, “Work never tires me. I think it is the sparkling smile which adds to the client’s face when they see a final product. The end result, the essence of being a woman who loves to create, give life, I think it is that feeling which I cherish the maximum.”




megha-mishraMegha Mishra

A development Sector Professional who started her career in journalism with names like TOI and Tehelka. What inspires Megha the most are the stories of people who learned to fight, to make it large. As an editor for India’s Most Inspiring Success Stories, her aim has been to bring out the stories that inspire to aspire. And for her, it has only reaffirmed her faith in dreaming and achieving.





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