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One may think you are lucky if you are able to find your calling early in life, but one must not underestimate the need and pre-requisites for passion, hard-work and drive to make that dream come true.

If one needs to draw an inspiration from one such real life story, it has to be the Bharat Reshma story. Theirs is a story of someone who relentlessly pursued a dream which continues today on the path to success.

Bharat was only 17 when he discovered his passion. A part-time model, student along with being a part-time entrepreneur, Bharat’s keen interest in fashion led him to start his own men’s fashion store by importing clothes at a very young age. Inspired by a few of his friends to make the cut, to not give up and to be a helping hand in the family, he realised at an early age that he had to follow his heart and ensure to do remarkably well at it.

Even before thinking of opening a store, he got to use his flair for fashion and started to design his own clothes. In no time his sense of fashion and clothes became a popular hit. People followed and pursued him to design their clothes.  It was after days of hard-work & persistence that started with designing clothes for friends and peers, which eventually led Bharat to become a trend setter in the fashion industry.

20 years later Bharat became Bharat Reshma, after he met Reshma – The Love of his Life.

A cupid style Bollywood film story started to bloom when the couple met through friends at a party. Reshma was a student of literature at Delhi University and Bharat was trying to make a mark in the fashion industry. It was not “love at first sight” but a loving relationship that developed over a period of time and when she was leaving for her home Nepal, Bharat couldn’t realise how  much he loved her.

They say distance make people’s heart grow fonder and it was not just their names that became one but their lives also became entwined. H2 by Bharat Reshma was launched and today they are a leading name in the fashion industry.

You ask Bharat on what’s the secret for his success and he’d say, “time management” and if you ask Reshma, she’d say, “balance.”bharatreshma1

How not? Parents to two lovely kids aged 9 and 14, and serving to be a constant sought-after name, Bharat tends to work round the clock. A part workaholic as he likes to define himself, he says he is able to get done a lot more and run several lines at the same time only because he plans and schedules things well in advance. “You got to think far ahead in time.”

With their recent achievement of dressing up Jackie Chan’s first Bollywood movie and a hope to someday dress Barack Obama and Michelle Obama in H2 by Bharat Reshma, they continue to strive and make it bigger.

Travelling keeps the fuel in them running and helps in maintaining the inspiration and consistency to live each day with new fervour. ‘Beach bums’ as they like to call themselves, they spend most their time in-between a beach destination and their home. And when home, it is the love and that keeps them one.




megha-mishraMegha Mishra

A development Sector Professional who started her career in journalism with names like TOI and Tehelka. What inspires Megha the most are the stories of people who learned to fight, to make it large. As an editor for India’s Most Inspiring Success Stories, her aim has been to bring out the stories that inspire to aspire. And for her, it has only reaffirmed her faith in dreaming and achieving.





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