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Some people’s reason for being in the world is to make people around them happier and a bit more inspired. This in one sentence sums up what we term as the ‘Aman Bhandari effect’ that is currently changing the way Delhi eats and lives well.

Young and charismatic, Bhandari has doned several hats in his lifetime, and he still continues to do so. The beauty of his being is such that each hat adorned, each role undertaken, he has never failed to take people by surprise and has left a mark whichever path he treaded on.

Currently, riding high as a serial restaurateur, Bhandari is in the process of overhauling the street-style food scene of Delhi and in times to come, also of the country. But that’s not at all; this comes after having opened some remarkable and popular premium lounges and cafes in the city.

To him, it is a bit difficult to remember how and when did his love affair with good food started. He can always recall himself as someone who loved to eat good food and drove happiness out of experiencing best culinary expeditions. Somewhere on the path to relish the taste buds, Bhandari grew in size and had to take a back seat to work on his fitness.

Attuned to his aura and being, he not just excelled at this too by losing over thirty kilograms in four months, he also started his first venture to help people get in shape.

He not only gained the model look but also gained a ‘nothing-is-impossible’ attitude that which he rides on even till today. A young Aman decided to take his success ahead and inspire people to be fit and fine. He started on his own by borrowing rupees one lakh to start a small venture for health supplements. Soon he grew and developed into a fine and sought-after wellness brand, with fitness gyms, spas and salons under its umbrella.

Going with the flow and taking life as it would come, it was only in 2012 when Aman happened to chance by a property in the Garden of Five Senses, which was supposed to be another spa but ended up becoming the city’s first premium Mediterranean outdoor lounge bar. Here, Aman paved his way into the first love: food.

An ever-smiling and energetic Aman may seem to have had a very happy and comfortable life but one must know that he lost his mother at the tender age of 10. Raised by a single dad, he learnt the value of hard-work, ethics and earning your own bread at an early age. “My father never spent extravagantly on us. The pocket money was limited unlike my friends who ended up addicted to several substances, while I kept clean and focused on making life better. I truly thank him for keeping my feet grounded and head held high.”AmanBhandari1

Forever upbeat and excited to plunge into newer things and fields, Aman looks back at the very first time he did some business at the school farewell by working out customised caps and t-shirts. His teenager earning of 10,000 was a prized achievement that he sometimes still remember whenever he feels things are difficult and comes back the confidence of a feisty young boy who aimed to rule the world, one day.

And rightly so, his just launched premium lounge, 52 Janpath is set to be one of its-own-kind in the heart of Delhi. And his in-cue chain of Indian Vegetarian fusion street food cafes, kiosks, and food Trucks called ‘Not Just Dilli’ and the global street food chain called the ‘Hawkers Chowk’ is set to take Delhi-NCR by storm.

This year, he is expanding his presence in food business like never before and when you ask him what’s so special, he replies in the Justin Trudeau style, “Because it is 2016.”



megha-mishraMegha Mishra

A development Sector Professional who started her career in journalism with names like TOI and Tehelka. What inspires Megha the most are the stories of people who learned to fight, to make it large. As an editor for India’s Most Inspiring Success Stories, her aim has been to bring out the stories that inspire to aspire. And for her, it has only reaffirmed her faith in dreaming and achieving.





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